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            1. Digital History>Voices>Texas Voices

              Texas Voices

              Early Texas

              1. A Glimpse of San Antonio in 1778
              2. A Glimpse of Texas During the Early 19th Century
              3. More Glimpses of Early 19th Century Texas (1828)

              The Texas Revolution

              1. Warnings about the Future of Texas
              2. Tejano Leaders Favor Slavery in Texas
              3. Mexico's Leaders Condemn Slavery in Texas
              4. Excerpts from the Texas Slave Narratives
              5. A Tejano Favors Anglo Immigration
              6. Do the People of Texas Have a Right to Declare Independence?
              7. A Tejano Leader Calls for Support of the Texas Revolution
              8. The Alamo
              9. Remembering the Alamo
              10. A Mexican Official Calls on his Country to Re-Conquer Texas or Risk Losing More Territory
              11. An Abolitionist Calls Slavery the True Cause of the Texas Revolution

              The Indians of Texas

              1. The Principal Diplomat of the Cherokee Nation Defends His People of the Charge that they Were Forming an Alliance with Mexico
              2. Texas' Second President Calls for the Expulsion or Extermination of the Republic's Indians
              3. Texas's Second President Denounces the Cherokees for Conspiring with Mexico
              4. Texas's Governor Seeks to Drive Indians from the Texas Plains

              The Mexican War

              1. President James Polk's Instructions to His Minister to Mexico
              2. President James Polk Calls on Congress to Declare War on Mexico
              3. Abraham Lincoln Protests the Mexican War

              Oppression and Resistance

              1. A Tejano Describes How He has been Transformed into a Foreigner in His Own Land
              2. Resistance to Oppression
              3. Songs of Sorrow and Resistance

              Texas and the Civil War

              1. Frederick Law Olmsted Describes Texas
              2. Juneteenth

              Post-Bellum Texas

              1. Reconstruction in Texas
              2. Texas Black Codes
              3. Intimidating Former Slaves
              4. The Conditions of Tejanos in 1873
              5. The Texas Farmers' Revolt
              6. The Texas Legislature Attacks Trusts
              7. Organized Labor in Texas
              8. The Texas Populist Party Platform

              Texas Enters the 20th Century

              1. The Galveston Hurricane
              2. Gregorio Cortez
              3. The Texas Oil Boom Begins

              The Struggle for Equal Rights

              1. Corridos & Immigration
              2. The Plan of San Diego
              3. A Song of Resistance
              4. A Mexican American Soldiers Describes the Killing of a Mexican Rancher's Daughter
              5. The Porvenir Massacre
              6. A Tejano Legislator Testifies Against the Texas Rangers
              7. Texas's White-Only Primary Law Overturned
              8. Punishing Mexican Immigrants
              9. Repatriation During the Great Depression
              10. The Supreme Court Rules that Texas's Democratic Party May Discriminate Against Blacks
              11. Emma Tenayuca Becomes a Labor Organizer in San Antonio
              12. Texas's Ban on Blacks serving on Grand Juries Overturned
              13. Felix Longoria
              14. Desegregation of Texas Institutions of Higher Education
              15. The Supreme Court Overturns the Exclusion of Mexican Americans from Juries
              16. "Mexicanos Need to Control Their Own Destiny"
              17. The Supreme Court Affirms the Rights of Undocumented Immigrants

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