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            1. Digital History>Voices>Asian Voices

              Asian Voices

              Asia Discovers America

              1. Introduction: Nakahama Manjiro
              2. Establishing Hawaiis First Sugar Plantation
              3. Working in the Cane Fields
              4. A Poem About Cane Work
              5. A Chinese-American Protest
              6. The First Chinese Newspaper in America
              7. Racism and the Law
              8. California Imposes a Tax on Chinese Laborers
              9. A Chinese Merchants Appeal to Congress
              10. Reasons for Migration
              11. Conditions in China
              12. The Human Meaning of Migration
              13. Singing About Migration
              14. The Pangs of Family Separation
              15. How Emigrants Could Afford to Migrate
              16. Signing a Labor Contract
              17. Women Migrants

              Asians and the Making of America

              1. Introduction: Chinese Immigrants and the Building
              2. Chinese Miners Describe the Rock Springs Massacre
              3. A Mother Protests Against the Denial of Equal Education
              4. A Protest Against the Statue of Liberty
              5. The Supreme Court Speaks Out on Equal Protection
              6. The Citizenship Rights of Chinese Born in the United States
              7. Experiencing Discrimination
              8. Housing Discrimination
              9. Prejudice Against Indian Americans
              10. A Protest Song
              11. Self-Hatred
              12. Barring Female Immigration
              13. The San Francisco Building Trades Council Denounces Chinese Immigration
              14. The Life of a Chinese Immigrant
              15. Can Indians Become American Citizens?
              16. Angel Island Immigration Station Poetry
              17. A Message to the President about Anti-Chinese Sent
              18. A Petition for Separate Chinese Schools
              19. A White Labor Leader Attacks Chinese Immigration
              20. A Defense of Chinese Immigration
              21. Another Defense of Chinese Immigration
              22. The Rock Springs Massacre

              World War II and Asian Americans

              1. Introduction: Internment
              2. Executive Order 9066: Ordering Internment
              3. How to Tell Your Friends from the Japs
              4. Experiencing Internment
              5. Repealing the Chinese Exclusion Act
              6. The Repeal Act
              7. Was Internment Constitutional?
              8. The Legal Battle Against Internment

              The Newest Immigrants

              1. Introduction: Arn Chorn

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