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              History Reference Room:
              Reference Resource
              LINKS for Learning More About American History

              Our electronic reference room houses an extensive collection of reference materials to assist you in the study of American history. These reference resources include biographical directories, chronologies, glossaries, interactive timeliness and annotated guides to history resources on the World Wide Web, including guides to online archives and databases and historical journals, historical museums, and historical societies.

              NOTE: These resources are links to other websites.

              image of the statue of liberty Newspapers

              Historical Newspaper Articles

              Links to newspaper articles relevant to important historical decisions.

              Historical Obituaries

              Links to obituaries of important historical figures.

              picture of the supreme court building Court Cases

              Historically Significant Court Cases

              Historical Significant Supreme Court Cases

              Links to the leading Supreme Court decisions on race, slavery, anti-trust, rights of criminal defendants, civil liberties, women's rights, and other essential topics.

              picrture of an old webster's dictionary Glossaries A comprehensive guide to events and individuals who have played a major role in American history, including succinct definitions of key terms and concepts and identification of major laws and treaties.

              image of the Boston massacre The Historical Profession

              Access to the history profession's major institutions

              picture of the inside of indepencence hall Visiting History

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